How to Attach Your Bold Board Topper to Your Grad Cap

Now that you've got your Bold Board Topper in Hand...let's attach it to your grad cap. 
Just follow these quick instructions.  


How to Attach your Bold Board:

Included with purchase:
* 1—Custom Bold Board Topper
* 1—Center Button Cover
* 6—adhesive Hook & Loop Dots

Installing your Bold Board Topper onto your Graduation Cap—

  1. Place 1-Loop Dot on each corner of the Topper back. 
  2. Place 1-Loop Dot on the back of the center button. 
  3. Peel 4-Hook Dots and set them on the Loop Dots adhesive side up.
  4. Flip your Topper over and place it on your cap making sure the top is in the correct corner (check the inside of your cap for the designated “top of cap”). 
  5. Place a Hook Dot on the center button and place the button cover to align with the Board pattern.
  6. Press the corners down to adhere the Hook Dots to the top of the cap. Now they should be aligned if the Board is removed and you want to reattach.

*Extra Dots are included just in case. Additional can be purchased at any craft store, online, or contact Rhonny K.

**Pro-Tip—don’t put the Dots on the very edge of the Topper. Come in from the edge about 1/2”. This will allow for micro-adjustments to center your Topper perfectly.

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